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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Where was I...

Oh, um, yes. Been away for a while. Well, working at Argos and too lazy to blog. Naughty and not good. I apologize to my huge audience waiting in great anticipation for my next post (that would be the huge audience of one. Including myself.).

So, yes, Argos. I've been busy working there over Christmas, but now my contract has ended, so I'm unemployed again. Grr... Anyway, I worked in the three main departments: Picking (getting the stuff the customers have ordered), Collection (giving the customers what they have ordered) and Tills (shockingly enough where we take the customers' money). Mostly I worked on tills because I was good (apparently) at selling the 'extras' and things without being annoying and just being efficient - getting through customers quickly but politely. That's not very exciting though, is it? Anyway, going out for Matty's birthday on Saturday with all the mad people from work. I had a good time working there and hopefully I'll work there again.

Then there was Christmas. It was nice and quiet - the first Christmas since Dad died, so I tried to make it special for my sister Laura. Much present buying during lunch hours and huge amounts of cooking later, a very merry Christmas was had by all.

So, happy 2005 now!


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