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Monday, October 11, 2004

More distractions...

Ok, just realised that I've not posted at all this month. I shall now rectify this abominable state of affairs. Or something.

One reason is my latest distraction: The Sims 2! So, yes, the original version of the Sims was addictive enough and now it's in 3D (i.e. looks prettier) and basically all the old expansion packs are included in the main game so there are community lots for shopping centres etc, the sims have parties and generally get into lots of trouble unless you stop them (or even more so if you help them along a bit...). Now, though, they grow up from little babies to toddlers to teenagers to adults to elders and then, well, they die. Sad. But hopefully by then they've got children and grand-children to carry on the family line. Hopefully they will also be happy - they have aspirations: to learn or to find love or just to get filthy rich and if they fulfil their dreams, well it can only be good for them!

You can also swap sims and houses etc on the website. If you're not particularly artistic, there are lots of Sims that people have created to look like celebrities or characters from TV shows - there seem to be a good number for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: one user who has created a number of houses in the form of sets from the show, including a map to show the most accurate layout for the neighbourhood as close to series 'canon' as possible. Is this sad? Is it more sad that I have been and found this out? What about mucking about with them myself? Have been killing off Sims to fill the cemetary with headstones (with appropriate names of course: "Suntabe de Sees'd", "Deff-Beye Chocolate" and the Victim family - "Vampire Victim", "Demon Victim"). Very strange. Didn't know it was so easy to kill Sims either - this user suggested unattended ovens. Hmm. Leave the food in the oven long enough for it to burst into flames.

[Please note: the author does not endorse Sim cruelty. Please treat your Sims kindly, ensuring that they are well-fed, well-rested and have good hygiene. Attempted Sim murder is not recommended and should only be performed for aesthetic purposes in graveyards or similar. Other Sims should be sent to mourn the departed by way of apology. But the Grim Reaper is pretty cool... And the dead do come back at night as ghosts... Gone, but not forgotten.]


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