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Monday, September 27, 2004

Sudden popularity...

Wow! Look! I have a friend! Someone commented on one of my posts!

Y'know, possibly I should tell people where my blog is. Then they could leave me such comments as "Shut up and stop harassing me with your e-mails about your blog. I'm not interested in your pointless ramblings!" But, wait! Walkingwetdream is interested in my pointless ramblings. Thanks, hon! Oh yes: the readership of my blog has increased by a massive 100%. All right, fine - to a grand total of one. That's a hint to other people by the way... I'm not usually so attention-seeking, but feel free to comment and make me feel popular and great!

OK, I'll shut up now.


  • yea, my boarding school was in the middle of nowhere... actually, it was in a tourist town full of boarding schools on the top of a mountain. there was a boys' boarding school nearby and the trouble those two schools created together was more than enough to keep the town full of gossip... i only went for one year, after which i moved to where i live currently. if i had stayed any longer, i'd have been expelled. so you went to a boarding school too, huh? cool ... and snow gives a lot of ideas. too bad i'm not back in my previous school again, i'd have loved to have thrown snowballs at the principal ;)

    By Blogger walkingwetdream, at 12:16 am  

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