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Monday, October 11, 2004

Job hunt update...

Ok, am still job-hunting. Have got as far as an interview/assessment thing for a shop in Middlesbrough on Wednesday. Probably psychometric test thing to make sure am not completely insane. Hopefully will prove am not and get a job. This is a Christmas temp thing, by the way.

Have also found a proper job I want to apply for (and am actually vaguely qualified for and have some experience in...). There's a Paris-based translation firm that is opening a new office in London and wants to recruit native English translator people, preferably with a background in technical translation. Need to apply soon for that one, but I'm still playing around with my CV. Well, not exactly playing: trying to make myself sound clever and interesting and generally good and make it fit (i.e. much faffing with formatting. Not much fun.). So I'm possibly going back down to London. Hopefully. I hope that I'll at least get asked to an interview for this one...


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