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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Even more exciting job update...

Ok, have been meaning to post, but my broadband connection decided to stop working... Anyway, I'm back and actually have news!

The assessment thing was fairly bizarre - there was a whole group of us and we had to prove our team-working ability and that we were able to read catalogue numbers and put stock in the right places on the shelves. We also had to decide in teams which celebrities we would put in which department. Interesting... Oh, and all the staff seem to be completely insane. (Well, at least I would fit in well, I guess.)

Well, whatever - it must have worked because I got a phone call the next day to say that I'd got a job! Hurrah! This means I will now get retail experience rather than being in the extremely annoying position of not being able to get a job because I don't have experience but I can't get experience because I can't get a job because I don't have experience. Or something. Will also have staff discount. I know where I'm going to buy my Christmas presents then. (What? I'm poor at the minute, ok?).

So, to sum up: 1) I have a job, 2) I am, therefore, clearly great, 3) start work tomorrow, 4) will have bright blue shirt for uniform (interesting - but my sister's old uniform for work was much worse), 5) will soon have whole pennies (maybe even pounds - although they're putting up the bus fares from tomorrow when I need to go to work. Great. Will take almost an hour's work to pay for the bus fare to get to work...) to spend! Fantastic!


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