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Friday, June 25, 2004

I miss broadband!

Well, I'm home now, but that means I only have crappy 56k dial-up. Tried watching a film over at Atom Films and, well, it worked all right (if you call watching at 9kbps with pauses every 10 seconds or so for buffering 'all right'). This was "Expired" - all about revenge on traffic wardens. A bit bizarre but good even when interrupted for buffering... Guess I'll have to find some other entertainment until I get broadband again. Grr! Oh, well, proper films then! Not that shorts aren't 'proper', what I mean is feature films as seen at the cinema or on DVD (when I find where I've packed them...).

At least "Legend of the Green Dragon" isn't too slow. It's an internet game where you do battle and stuff getting stronger until you try to defeat the Green Dragon. It's quite funny, and worryingly addictive. There are lots of versions and servers. The main one (i.e. very busy) is (note: no 'www'), but the one I play at is which is smaller and quieter - a new version with new mods will be online soon (we hope). Going to play that now for a bit!


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