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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Film(s) of the day

BMW Films

I've been continuing my search for short films on the internet and today I have been looking at BMW Films. Yes, the car is shockingly enough the star, but the films are actually more than extended adverts. They are collected under the title "The Hire" and fall into two 'seasons', with a different car featured in each (again, big surprise). Each film stars Clive Owen as 'The Driver' who is for hire to chauffeur celebrities (fair enough), work for the UN (right...), get war photographers out of battle zones (Ok then...), oh and do hostage negotiations for the FBI (as you do - he must have a very interesting CV!). Each film is by a different director, including David Fincher, John Woo, Ang Lee (spot the "Hulk" reference in that one...) and Alejandro González Iñárritu ("Amores Perros"), and so each has a very different style, while still being linked by the character of The Driver, oh, and the BMW cars...

Some are quite gritty, for example "Powder Keg" about the war photographer, most involve The Driver outwitting the bad guys with guns just with his driving, but the most fun comes from driving the celebrities. These two films are funny and more than a little bizarre...


The Star who is never named in the film or the credits (this short is directed by Guy Ritchie so take a wild guess...) is a bitchy singer who always gets what she wants. In this case she is fed up of her agent and bodyguards and wants The Driver to lose them. He obliges, but not quite in the way she expected and the results are, well, interesting to say the least. You'll have to watch it to find out why!

"Beat the Devil"

Now this one is just bizarre but too funny for words... James Brown (himself) hires The Driver to take him to see an old associate: he sold his soul to the Devil (a completely insane Gary Oldman) and now wants to renegotiate the contract. Cue a wager and a race down The Strip in Las Vegas in a shiny BMW (of course). There's also a great cameo at the end but I can't tell you who it is because that would spoil it! You'll have to watch it and see!


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