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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Evil world - Part II (but good in places)

Good: Have applied for my exciting job in London. Just waiting to hear if I at least have an interview...

Bad: Accommodation plans fell through on Tuesday, so possibly would have a job, just nowhere to live...

Good: May have just about got the whole place to live thing sorted. Have found a very cheap (well relatively) flat in London.

Bad: Just have to move there - my current lease runs out at the weekend....

Good: May have someone who can put me up until I can get my new flat.

Bad: Still have to get all my stuff there somehow.

Good: Have got rid of lots of stuff, so I won't have to carry it. Managed to sell a load of books to Blackwells so made some money in the process (very good).

Bad: I really wanted to keep a lot of the stuff that I've had to get rid of, but I have nowhere to put it. Grrr!

This good/bad list could go on forever. I think I'll stop now. Things seem to be working themselves out, though, at least a bit. So I should no longer be homeless on Saturday which was a distinct possibility this week!


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