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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Another day, another film (of the, um, day)

"They Came To Attack Us!"

Another fun film from Atom Films, complete with exciting B-movie title! Hurrah! So, evil nasty aliens in flying saucers (that would be 'They') have come to Earth to, um, (take a wild guess...), well, 'Attack Us!' Cue screaming and running in random directions. A woman from the future tells a video store clerk that he is humanity's last hope against the invaders (these are not the sort of things you want to hear when you're trying to eat your cornflakes and you're already late for work...) and gives him a weapon. Unfortunately she does not give him an instruction manual before she leaves. Will he be able to figure out the weapon, save the world, get the girl and hopefully get to work on time so he isn't sacked? Watch and find out. A simple and amusing concept with impressive visual effects for an indie short.


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