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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Evil world

Well, the exams have been going fairly well - I'm half way through after 15 hours in 3 days (ouch). That's all my language exams done, the evil literature ones start tomorrow.

Decided I wanted pizza this evening. Fair enough, you might think. Not exactly a huge problem to get pizza. Until I went to get some cash to pay for it. The cash machine ate my card!!! Argh!! Had to cancel the card and order a new one - should be delivered in three working days. Fine. This is a bank holiday weekend - that means that I won't get my card until at least Wednesday. Brilliant. Could go into the bank and get cash out without the card if the bank were open at any time when I'm not in an exam. Which it isn't - y'know, bank holiday an' all... So, um, argh! Luckily my flatmates are feeling richer than me so they've lent me some money, but it's just so annoying! And just when I need it least!

Right, must learn some German literature for tomorrow morning!


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