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Friday, May 21, 2004

T-minus, um, two days...

Well that's it - today I had my last ever class at university!

Exams start on Monday! Translation exams to start with, so not so bad... At least I have the weekend to revise something. Not sure what, though - there's quite a bit that I could do with working on.

Anyway, let's stay positive. I will assume that I learn lots of stuff and get through finals amazingly well. On that basis I will prepare my acceptance speech. Don't think we get to do one though. Although maybe they would like it if I translated it into Latin.

I would like to thank...
  • God (obviously)

  • My Mum (again, you have to, don't you)

  • All my screaming fans who are so supportive (can't hear any at the moment - scream louder!

  • My tutors for knowing stuff

  • The libraries for, well, having books

  • Myself (well, who else is going to have done my exams for me?)

[Good start, should probably start crying half way through that list - tears prove that you're a big star. What next? A poem I wrote just before? Didn't Russel Crowe do that already? Maybe not then.]

This award will help me pursue my work for world peace. [Hmmm.... better lose some weight if there's a swimsuit round in the degree ceremony as well.]

Anyway, so far so good. Better get the degree first - but clearly that's going to be the easy part.

Yeah, right...


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