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Monday, January 10, 2005

IFILM explorations

Well, I said I was going to investigate IFILM so, well, I have a bit. There's some good stuff on there once, of course, you've waded through the crap, but the site itself is quite annoying.

You see, it doesn't seem to work in Firefox (waddaya mean you don't use it? Less than 5MB rather than IE's 50 million odd. Viruses? Nope. Bugs? Nope. Popup blocker that actually works, tabbed browsing, easily customisable and with loads of extensions available to do useful stuff. Why haven't you made the switch? Get Firefox!). Anyway, having forced myself to open IFILM in Internet Explorer I discovered that it doesn't work if you have a firewall so you have to switch that off as well (great...). It's interesting that AtomFilms doesn't seem to have any of these problems - and their ads seem to be less annoying as well.

Anyway, I persevered with IFILM and found these delights:

  1. short/film: a short where two characters find themselves stuck in a post-modern short film (and not a very good one either in their opinion). Mad and good.
  2. Plenty of music videos. I'd not seen Linkin Park's "Numb" video before. Parts of it are set in Prague (not sure why) and you can see the Charles Bridge and the castle (in the distance). I've been there, you see, and I liked it.
  3. Movies: Lots of trailers for films plus clips and special features-type bits. Some let you watch the first 8 minutes.
  4. And for the sake of general bizarreness, a collection of fanfilms with an entire section devoted to Lego films. Very, very strange...

Enough of that now.


  • Excellent review! I'm not sure why your experience with IFILM was not positive with Firefox. I use Firefox behind a firewall (hardware, not software) all the time with IFILM and don't have any problems. *shrug* Such is computers, I guess.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:36 am  

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