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Friday, September 10, 2004

My amazing Googlewhack!


Yes, I have been bored enough to look for a Googlewhack... and I found one: "historiographical" and "antidisestablishmentarianism"! (So the idea of trying the longest words I could think of actually worked...)

Googlewhacking, in case you didn't know, is the game of searching on Google, using two words which must both be in the dictionary (which one or ones is debatable) and finding only one page on the internet which has both words in. Oh yes, and you can't use quotation marks, punctuation, numbers, etc. (So they're quite rare, then). Wikipedia offers a definition, and its origins.

So yes I was bored, but now having found one I thought I'd find out more about Googlewhacking itself. I'd heard of it because of Dave Gorman who has written a crazy book about it. I haven't actually read it, but I know of him because of his "Are you Dave Gorman?" round the world search for people with the same name as him. Utterly pointless, and therefore fantastic! Why can't the rest of us be paid for doing things which have no reason whatsoever?

Anyway, to find out more about Googlewhacking I did a search, shockingly enough on Google. Google offers about 17,600 results for Googlewhacking! Madness! It appears to have spread across the world - the first page of results on Google gives Googlewhack sites in Japan and Germany.

Googlewhacks are rarely repeated - if you record one on a website, Google will probably index it, meaning that there will now be more than one result... In case this happens (in other words, in case anyone in the world ever happens to read this blog and links to it. So never. Or if someone else finds my Googlewhack. And they may have done already - can't be arsed to check now that I've wasted this much time already... More likely. Or the page may be taken down, in which case the link that follows won't be much use), here is the page I found which gave me my Googlewhack: Extremely bizarre.

So now we know about Googlewhacking. What a productive evening!


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