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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Where are my results?!

Oh, yes, the other thing I'm waiting for: my exam results. They were supposed to be published on Wednesday or Thursday, but I'm still waiting for them to arrive here. Kind of need them for my CV to get a job and I'm also looking at courses: probably A-level Italian/Spanish this year while I'm working and then a Masters in Translation next year.

Still waiting though...

The postal service in this area has been restructured (they sacked most of the postmen) and made more efficient (I think they sacked most of the rest). There is no longer a second post (what? When was there ever a second post?) and most of the routes have been combined so it is all much more efficient. Yes, when we used to have to wait until about 10 am for the post we can now wait until 3pm or maybe 4pm. And then still find that my exam results are not there. Great. Oh, well, today's Sunday, so there's no waiting around for the post. Can save that for tomorrow.


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