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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Today I'm mostly playing with Stumble Upon - a plug-in toolbar thing which takes you to a random site (you can choose a category) when you click on the "Stumble!" button.

In other words, a quick way to find random bizarre crap on the internet - can you see why this appeals to me? Here are some of the pointless things I've found:

  • Poke the Penguin - self-explanatory. You'll get what you deserve. One question: why???
  • Weird singing horse things - again, why???
  • elgooG - Google 'mirrored'. Apparently useful if your country's censorship laws mean Google itself is censored.
  • Driving tips - well, I'm still planning to learn to drive this year. Not sure if these are the right sort of answers for the test, though...
  • Musical interlude:
    • Mario Bros music - bizarre video. I especially like the way he ignores the phone ringing to complete his masterpiece. Leaves me feeling oddly nostalgic for my old SNES and remembering MarioPaint and stuff... Moving on now...
    • Lion Sleeps Tonight - sung by a hippo with a dancing dog. Strange but fun.
  • Killer quiz - serial killer or program language inventor? Bizarre quiz.
  • Airport calls - real life equivalent of Bart Simpson's phone calls to Moe's. Very silly.
  • Eyes hurting yet? - or is it an illusion?
  • Star Wars in Asciimation. Who has that much time to waste to make something like that? Don't know, but it's fun. Leia's hair is "@" (well, obviously!).
  • The End of the Internet. Huh! Nothing more to see then.

notes Now Playing: Erase / Rewind by The Cardigans


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