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Monday, February 14, 2005

Stuff I've been enjoying

  • Alias - pure class. Jennifer Garner spying for the CIA, getting increasingly complicated and bizarre (i.e. engrossing and addictive). I've got the first two seasons on DVD. The third is on TV but at stupid times of night, different each week, so about 01.00 this morning. Praise the insomnia (seeing positive side...)
  • Jasper Fforde's novels. These are mad, starring Thursday Next as a literary detective. I'm looking forward to the next novel The Big Over Easy investigating the mysterious death of Humpty Dumpty - apparently from injuries sustained falling off a wall, but did he fall or was he pushed? Out in July - I can't wait!
  • Cellular - thought this sounded interesting but wasn't expecting anything brilliant, but it's a fantastic thriller with impressive performances all round - Chris Evans does well to prove he can act in other things than teen movies.
  • Farscape - mad astronaut John Chrichton gets sucked through a wormhole and is stuck in the wrong part of space with lots of (Jim Henson) aliens trying to get home. This was good, so it was cancelled, though there is a new DVD out now. It's also on BBC Three at silly times (around midnight-ish) while I'm waiting for Alias...

notes Now Playing: Come What May by Ewan MacGregor and Nicole Kidman


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