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Monday, February 14, 2005

Today I'm mostly listening to...

Morcheeba at the minute... I've discovered a little belatedly the joy of Yahoo's Launchcast radio thingy. So if you want, you can now listen to my radio station (a fairly bizarre and eclectic mix) while you read my blog.

It's one of these annoying sites that doesn't seem to like Firefox (or at least my setup of it on my crappy computer), but it's good enough for me not to be too bothered.

[Now playing: Mary by Scissor Sisters]

Basically, when you start your own 'radio station', it plays random stuff and you rate songs, albums, artists and genres to tailor it to your tastes so it plays more things like those you like. You can also choose "never play again" as a rating so you don't have to listen to crappy boy bands or similar. You still get random stuff, but based on the items you've rated so it's more likely to be to your taste.

[Now playing: Launchcast advert - you can pay $3 a month to get rid of them or something, but not bothered enough]

[Now playing: My Favourite Game by The Cardigans]

Anyway, it gets addictive going around rating things so that the music you get is closest to your tastes - the website keeps track because better stations will be based on more ratings. I have so far rated 582 things which makes me a "Trendsetter" apparently. Not something I'm often called.

[update: following tracks were Somebody Told Me by the Killers, Jamming by Bob Marley and From The Inside by Linkin Park. Interesting selection, huh?]


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