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Friday, March 04, 2005


Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia
...Or my new weboholism.

Having never actually used Wikipedia before (why? I don't know actually), I've been busy putting that right in the past couple of days. I've already been working on Ionesco, translated an article on the Kuwaiti Dinar from German into English and, inspired by that, created an article on the Gulf Rupee (a currency which no longer exists and which I hadn't heard of until I started this - learning new stuff in a crazy mad way: brilliant!). You can find more details on what I'm working on at my user page.

So, what is Wikipedia...?

A wiki is like a blog in that it can be edited easily without any knowledge of HTML, the major difference being that anyone can edit any page (whether or not they created the page themselves). Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia in this format: free for everyone to use and edit.

Want to give it a try? Visit the Wikipedia Introduction for more information.


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