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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bank Spam Scam

Bank Spam Scam
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This is actually the first time that I've received one of these steal-your-bank-details-scam e-mails. Unfortunately for them, this is not a particularly successful example and, well, I'm not completely stupid. Here are some reasons why I'm not fooled:

  • I'm naturally cynical / suspicious / paranoid.
  • I don't have an account with this bank and have never heard of them. Sorry if there is a real Charter One bank - your marketing department hasn't reached me
  • I would assume that a major bank with an internet presence would know how to change a directory's name and would do so immediately even if a typo like 'baniking' crept in, before sending it out to their customers.
  • In fact, I would expect them to be able to use a spell-checker.
  • ...and write decent English.
  • So what exactly is this problem? I've (not) accessed my (non-existent) account from two different computers? Do you mean that it was accessed from two different computers at the same time? If not, then your internet banking service is pretty much useless - isn't the whole point of internet banking that you can access your account from anywhere?

    If you wrote this e-mail and would be interested in improving your work in the future, I've marked further corrections on the original copy of this image. I'm afraid I gave it a grade F. I hope these suggestions help.

    If you didn't write this e-mail and you are a gullible member of the public, please do not give out your bank details in response to such an e-mail, even if they have managed to find a spell-checker and claim to be a bank that you have an account with. Your bank will not ask for your details in this way. If in doubt, check with your bank and do not click on any links in the e-mail. [Public service announcement over]

    notes Now Playing: 1980 by Estelle - an up-and-coming artist: her new single Go Gone is fantastic and I'm looking forward to hearing more from her; then The Roots (Interlude) by Jill Scott; then Lola's Theme by Shapeshifters; then Let Me Blow Ya Mind - ft Gwen Stefani by Eve; then Fell In Love With A Boy by Joss Stone; then Stem / Long Stem - Transmission 2 by DJ Shadow; another random long post...


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