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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mouse in the house - part 2

Well, I have actually seen the mouse now, rather than just hearing it scratching or finding evidence of it in the morning (i.e. mouse shit everywhere). I went down to the kitchen to get a drink at stupid-o'clock in the morning and heard scrabbling as I turned on the light. The mouse was hiding, peeping out from behind the kettle.

There followed a comedy chase scene with me running around the kitchen with a jug to catch the mouse in and a plate to keep it in. Obviously the mouse did clever things like hide under the microwave and, um, running faster than me so I didn't catch it before it made a death defying leap from the worktop onto the floor (well, it's a huge drop for a mouse, isn't it?) and a speedy run into the gap by the washing machine.

One day I will get that dastardly mouse out of my kitchen! (Hopefully.)

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