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Friday, May 13, 2005

How bizarre...

I've found something bizarre, but could be useful: an instant blog post generator. Well, I've not posted for 2 months, so this could let me post quickly then get back to my Wikipedia obsession.

So here's my contribution for today:

I honestly adore my grandpa Archibald. Often he is a little cool, and then last week he just disgusted me... I needed his help thinking about standards of beauty of the European lowlands, but then he started bitching:

"Oh man! I am so sick of hearing about the European lowlands all the time!"

At first I interrupted "WHOA!" but then this morning I just ran away all of a sudden. After all, he *is* my grandpa and I have to live with that...

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Kind of makes sense, actually... very strange.

So here's another for the next time I don't post anything:

Today my friend and I were thinking about standards of beauty on the African subcontinent. We were quite uninterested by the whole thing, so we asked my friend Lizzie about it, and she interrupted:

"Oh man!.. No kidding?! Don't tell me you're into the African subcontinent too!"

But then when my friend and I got to the part about the standards of beauty, Lizzie stopped yelling. But this morning, Lizzie's mother told me that the reason Lizzie was so freaked out was because she used to write a lot about standards of beauty. There are days when Lizzie can be really demented like that, but she wants what is best for me...

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I wrote my own exciting version, but seem somehow to have lost it. Never mind